What is Our Slack Group About?

A slack group specifically built for social media managers

As Social Media Managers, we're more than just marketers, we're community builders and client support, a unique mélange of all worlds. Our problems generally have the question, 'How does this support my client?' attached to it. Well, now you have us to help you answer that question.

Daily Content & Discussion

With so much happening in our industry, it can be hard to keep up, but not when there's a group of us. Our daily discussions range from latest trends to shared experiences, and we're here every day!

Live AMAs


Join our live AMAs and get actionable advice from members happy to share their expertise with our community.

Problem Solving


Imagine the accumulated knowledge of your peers available to you when you need it most? We're here to help you become an asset to those who will come after you.



Our Slack community is warm, supportive, smart, and love their emoji's! It's a space with no competition, only support from like-minded people.


Our community grows everyday with more channels created by our members all the time










Join Now & Connect Anywhere

#SocialSyrup is powered by Slack, so you can connect via desktop or mobile wherever you go.